What now?

We had just been informed that our precious little one had a rare eye disorder. How did that even happen? Was it something I did (or didn’t do) when I was pregnant? How do these things happen?

Our ophthalmologist said it was a genetic fluke, since no one in the family, on either side of our families, had ever been diagnosed with coloboma.

So now what? Worry and cry? Well, yes a little. Okay, a lot. But we realized that wasn’t very productive and just made us feel worse. We knew as her parents, it was our responsibility to be proactive. So we did two things.

First we shared what was going on. With family, with friends, with our home church. We knew that our young family would need strength to draw from. We sought that from those who loved us and would intercede to God for us and with us as well. We shared our news, we shared in tears and hugs.

Next we got busy. We were helped by friends who knew of resources to check into for assistance for our little girl. In 1997 there wasn’t as much available then as there is now, and with some of the resources, it depended upon where one resided in order to qualify for assistance. But what agencies we could garner assistance with visual tools, we did.

We vowed to do everything possible for our little girl to give her the best chance possible.

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