Since you’re here, I should use my manners and introduce myself. My name is Darla. I’m a 40-something woman, wife and mom with a lot of “hats” that I wear that I won’t bore you by listing. But woman, wife and mom are the main “characters” who wear all of those “hats.”

I didn’t start up a website and begin blogging because everybody else is doing it. I’m a writer. I’ve known that since sitting in Mrs. Branstetter’s English class in junior high. This is the period in my life when it’s finally time that I actually write somewhere besides in a notebook that’s full of ideas and start-ups. Writing is also therapy. And it’s hard and beautiful and painful and fulfilling and emotional and a hundred other things.

I also hope my writings are helpful. Because that’s the main reason I spend all of these resources (money, time, brain power, effort, etc.) to put myself “out there” and agree to be vulnerable. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have walked some pretty scary paths, scaled some rough terrain for a purpose. Not just to build character – see what I’m made of. But to look over my shoulder, see a weary fellow traveler behind me on the road, and reach back for his/her hand and help him/her along. Because I’ve been there, and I’m convinced we were never meant to walk alone. I haven’t always gotten it right, but I keep pressing on. It’s definitely better together, so let’s travel the path – even if at times we have to create the path.

And just to let you know, somewhere along the way we will stop for coffee.

This is a new and evolving site borne from the desire to share life with others, whether or not we have much in common. But I’ve learned in my 40-something years on this earth that “birds of a feather” really do tend to “flock together.” Now, don’t mistake that as an assumption that my site and blog posts will only mention marriage, motherhood, womanhood and the like. My life is much more varied than that and I’ll bet yours is too.

Here, we’ll talk about those things, but also a lot more about the messy and beautiful things of life.

Journey with me, will ya? Traveling together will be better, because we were never meant to walk alone.